With all of the laser hair removal training centers opening all over our state, are you confused about which program to choose? Here is a list of questions that you should ask training center before you choose your instructor:

  1. How many years has your instructor been in the hair removal profession?  Judy Adams has been an Electrologist since 1986 – longer than any other instructor in Florida
  2. How many years has your instructor been using laser hair removal technology in their practice?  Judy Adams has implemented laser services in her clinic since Feb. 1999 – one of the first in Florida
  3. What kind of educational background does your instructor have?  Judy Adams has a 4 year bachelors degree in education and has been actively offering continuing education in hair removal for almost 2 decades!
  4. Is the instructor a leader in the industry? Judy Adams is the current president of the Electrolysis Society of Florida; past president of the SCME (now the SCMHR); international lecturer; exam item writer; etc
  5. Can your instructor help you study for your required exams – CCE, CME, state boards? Judy Adams was president of the SCME when the CME was written & was familiar with every question on the exam.  She helped write the first Florida state board exam & has written questions for the CCE
  6. Can your instructor provide reliable information on Florida laws?  Judy Adams has been since 1991 and is currently the legislative liaison for the entire state of Florida regarding legal issues in the hair removal industry.  She has also helped many other states with their legislative issues.